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Welcome to Digital Division's first newsletter of 2009! We have a lot of news for you, from our November Web site launch to our latest database adventure with the Catholic News Network. Also, read on for valuable tips on how to make a greater impact when you write content for the Web. Happy New Year from all of us at Digital Division!

  Inside this issue ...
:: November 2008: WomenHeart Web site launches
:: November 2008: ENDO09 Annual Conference Web site launches
:: December 2008: Planning for success with the Peterson Institute
:: December 2008: "Beautify Your Heart" - Digital Division creates WomenHeart's cholesterol screening locator
:: January 2009: Digital Division creates order from more than 300,000 news stories for the Catholic News Network
:: Three Key Tips on Writing for the Web

November 2008: WomenHeart Web site launches

In November, Digital Division launched the newly designed and developed WomenHeart Web site. The new Web site provides automatic member services to WomenHeart's more than 17,000 members, who can login to manage their contact information and preferences. Members can also access the new new online community features we added to the Web site, including message boards, event calendars, and support groups.

The new Web site uses a powerful ColdFusion-based content management system (CMS), CommonSpot by PaperThin, which enables WomenHeart's staff to quickly and easily update the Web site without the help of a Web developer. As a PaperThin partner, Digital Division is able to provide top-notch access to CommonSpot, the premier ColdFusion CMS.

The new Web site also provides WomenHeart with updated avenues for online fundraising, including online donations, a popular online store powered by Miva Merchant, and a powerful new Lyris ListManager email marketing server.

As a part of the update, we also greatly improved the performance of the Web site by migrating to faster servers and optimizing their Web-based databases. is experiencing faster performance and is ready for big media hits, traffic increases, and ongoing growth of its organization and membership.

:: Have questions about Web-based member services and building online communities? Are you interested in e-commerce, email marketing, and other kinds of online fundraising? Contact us today to find out how we can help!


November 2008: ENDO09 Annual Conference Web site launches

Due to the success of the previous two Annual Conference Web sites, Digital Division was contracted by the Endocrine Society to design and develop the 2009 Endocrine Society Annual Conference (ENDO 09) Web site for the third consecutive year. This Web site includes surveys, a dynamic "Scientific Program" conference agenda for its hundreds of events, and more.

The ENDO 09 Web site design was created by Digital Division's talented Web designers, and features the iconic monuments of the event's hometown location, Washington, DC. Also new this year, Digital Division built the Web site using the Commonspot Content Management System (CMS) by PaperThin. Now the Endocrine Society's meeting staff can update any part of the Web site real-time, without needing to know any code whatsoever.

:: Do you have an upcoming conference, meeting, or expo event that needs its own content-rich Web site? Find out how Digital Division can save the day. Contact us today.


Endocrine Society Annual Conference Website 2009


December 2008: Planning for success with the Peterson Institute

Digital Division is always glad to help its clients deal with growth and success by providing updated solutions when the time is right. In December, we were glad to scale the Peterson Institute for Intenational Economics up from a shared Web hosting plan to a Dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Moving the Peterson Institute's feature-rich Web site, which includes a content management system (CMS), multimedia files, an events calendar, and more is a big job. But the server move went off without a hitch, and the Peterson Institute now has a new, reliable, and scalable server that is ready for success.

:: Is your Web site ready for 2009? Let us scale you up! Contact us about VPS and dedicated Web hosting options and moving large Web sites -- we are happy to help.


Peterson Institute for International Economics
Peterson Institute for International Economics


December 2008: "Beautify Your Heart" - Digital Division creates WomenHeart's cholesterol screening locator

WomenHeart wanted 100,000 women to "know their cholesterol number and change their number by getting a cholesterol screening this year and living a heart healthy lifestyle." To drive this program, they needed an interactive Web site where women all over America could use their zip codes to find their closest cholesterol screening locations.

In December, Digital Division was able to make this Web site a reality, creating a dynamic online mapping service using Google Maps. The locator Web site provides custom maps by location, as well as driving directions to thousands of cholesterol screening locations in five different languages.

:: Do you have an upcoming event or campaign that needs a Web-based locator? Contact us about how interactive mapping solutions can help you.


WomenHeart Screening Locator
WomenHeart Cholesterol Screening Locator


January 2009: Digital Division creates order from more than 300,000 news stories for the Catholic News Service

Catholic News Service is updating its huge news Web site of more than 300,000 news stories, and contracted Digital Division to analyze its text-based data to create a custom XML taxonomy structure.

To complete this job, Digital Divison's database experts created a new SQL Server database to import hundreds of thousands of text-based database files. High-level database programming enabled Digital Division to find the patterns in this data and export an XML naming scheme that will be used to organize the massive Web site.

:: Is there project looming in your future that seems too large or complicated? Let Digital Division help you get organized. Request a free quote on our Web site.


Catholic News Service
Catholic News Service


Three Key Tips on Writing for the Web

Happy New Year! It's 2009 and if you have a Web site, or your organization has one, you are probably doing some writing for Web sites or e-mail newsletters. Have you considered how writing for the Web is different from writing for other formats? Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind next time you're creating Web content:

1. Make it easy to scan. Don't be upset if people don't read each of your sentences verbatim. When people are using the Internet, there are so many words to read that most Web users tend to scan for important items rather than reading everything on the screen. Use highlighted words in bold or hyperlinks, numbered or bulletted lists, a lower word count, and subheadings to make your writing easy to scan.

2. Summarize. Because Internet readers are scanning more and reading less, summaries are very important. If you are writing an article, you may want to summarize key facts in a short list or single sentence at the top. That way, users who may not invest time or energy in reading right away can get a snapshot of key points, and are more likely to read further if they're interested.

3. Write for search engines. Many people who are new to writing Internet content don't consider that they are no longer writing for a strictly "human" audience. They are writing for the "robots" that crawl the Internet collecting search engine content. When writing for search engines, keywords are very important. For example, if you're writing about New York City, make sure you use the words "New York City" in your article. Pet names like "the Big Apple" are cute, but without explicit language, search engines may not know whether your article is about apples or New York.

:: Are you publishing new content to the Web? Let Digital Division help you optimize your content for readers and search engines. Contact us today!


Writing for the Web


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